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Without You I Wouldn’t Know First Demo

September 28, 2019

The unmastered first demo of "Without You I Wouldn't Know" will be the last time you hear this mix, the album version will be mixed by Aaron Eastwood! A throwback collaboration to the days of Titan Radio. I like the energy and tablespoon of angst in this new demo. Enjoy and share. 


Coincidence has routed my confidence again. 

Insecurity has locked me up and thrown away the key. 

Did you see at me at 17 I was all the rage. 

Green day and Jimmy whispering me to yell it away. 


Navigating potential,

Differences Consequential.


If I'd ever go, I'd have to go without you (without you I wouldn't know) 

Who'll walk with me, if I walked without you? (without you I couldn't show) 

If I’d ever go alone, I wouldn’t know without you (without you I wouldn't know) 

And who’ll walk with me down the streets to my future? (without you I wouldn't know) 


Happenstance has happened and I am knocked down again, 

I thought I'd risen back, from guarding all the jabs you threw at me. 

Step out of the ring, and drama you would bring, I'm on my way. 

Bus us in the road, we set the course for home, but where is mine?



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