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July 24, 2017  

today I got in the studio and record it and unplugged version that quite frankly probably had more effort and takes put into it in the original recording several years back. I've always really enjoyed listening back at this song and I'm trying to think back and I think that it was recorded in one set of takes in one afternoon. This evening to set aside a couple of hours and performed it again on a Seagull acoustic guitar and it came out I thought pretty great. Watch the video performance!

 It's been really great to have a separate time to record music. I have enjoyed writing new songs and I'm working on a couple right now in studio. At the same time at flip going back and re-export how I wrote and recorded older songs and getting better versions of them with new equipment that I think sounds sharp. Thanks to all the all the new list nearest and thanks for everyone for supporting this free music podcast. 

Danny Hauger - “Everything I Wanted”

I’m ready tonight, To find What’s yours and mine

Time, will not allow, a sign to show us the light.


To find, What I feel tonight. What I think  is guiding

What I know is right, Why it must be so.

Everything I’m knowing. Its what I want.


I know, I’ve been hiding In the sun – that shines down on you

In plain sight, I walk amongst the lonely.

But I’ve got, something for everyone.


To shine, to bring my light to surface

Hiding from the light, Saying only soft things

Beholding to no shadow, writing off the night.

Gliding into new heights. Bringing out the good time

Letting go of bad times, Its what I want.


I’ll find,

Everything I wanted

What I thought I needed

Everyone you wanted

Find a piece of me

Thats perfect now to share out

Only hold the good things

Let go of the bad, let go of all we had. Its what I want.

July 14, 2017  

I feel like I've been recording in several directions at once and its been awesome. Yesterday I got into studio with a guitar progression I had been practicing and produced it to this demo version of "If I'm Alone", and I captured the track by track recording process for the vocals, guitar, and the bass. You also get to see my cat walk casually in front of the camera at the beginning. I hope you enjoy the song and share it with a friend, plus you can download it free!

The video of the studio session is live on YouTube

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July 13, 2017  

Usually I follow one song idea to completion before starting a new track. I guess I like the focus aspect, or the sense of finishing a song before starting a new one. Today I think I found a side venture that couldn't be put off for later. It was a typical instrumental groove, a  bit of a ska feel to it with some upstrumming on guitar. I usually have to decide which melody and instrument path I want. On this occasion, I decided to leave several takes in on the same mix. It resulted in a bit of a cluttered kitchen, giving itself the name "Too Many Cooks" I hope you like it. 

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Plus, grab the original studio cuts from the 2009 album for only $2.99!http://bit.ly/2uDbqgJ
July 8, 2017  

I enjoy recording acoustic ballads, but I also like arranging and composing. Sometimes, as this video illustrates, I will start out writing a few progressions in Garageband, and then adding live instrumentation over it. This is the first time I thought to set a couple of cameras to capture the recording process live in studio. I hope you enjoy this recording, you can download the mp3 free at this link: 

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Buy a song from Danny Hauger's new album, "Songs to Wake Up to"
Plus, grab the original studio cuts from the 2009 album for only $2.99!http://bit.ly/2uDbqgJ
July 3, 2017  
Seven years of enjoying these instrumentals led me to want to re-produce them in digital format, and here they are, "Songs to Wake Up To" presents 9 acoustic instrumentals, 5 unplugged versions of some of my favorite original modern rock songs, and 8 brand new songs from 2017. This collection is my most varied assortment of studio recordings, singer-songwriter influences, and acoustic reflections that I have ever oproduced. I hope you will enjoy lsitening to them. Thanks so much for watching, listening, and supporting Danny hauger Music and "Songs to Wake Up To". Please share this album with anyone who enjoys acoustic, singer-songwriter, or modern rock music!
As a special thank you to all the podcast listeners, new subscribers on YouTube, and friends everywhere for the 4th of July, I am giving away a link right here to download the entire album in mp3 for free! Share and enjoy, and help me reach more people over this Independence Day holiday, and help support a truly independent musician, me!
You can use the following link to retrieve your free album downloadhttps://www.sendspace.com/file/v5vxv0
Help support my music and free music podcast!
Buy a song from Danny Hauger's new album, "Songs to Wake Up to"
Plus, grab the original studio cuts from the 2009 album for only $2.99!http://bit.ly/2uDbqgJ
June 20, 2017  

"How Long" - Written, recorded, and produced by Danny Hauger. Performed myself in studio in an unplugged version, a folk / acoustic / singer-songwriter tune that is previously unreleased and recorded in Fullerton, CA in 2012. Download an album version for free at this mp3 link -

Please help support my independent music and share it with your friends. I find my music is enjoyable for background, work, homework, and meditation too. I hope this adds a little enjoyment to your life and music collection! Support Danny Hauger Music and download weekly free songs from Danny Hauger: http://dannyhauger.podbean.com/

Enjoy acoustic instrumental guitars with my [https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLNmcwKhXj190YpXzB4WjQw9MGeCj4Gc5i] "Relaxing Guitars" or "Acoustic Duets" " [https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLNmcwKhXj191PzA5vBabnlBl7Z35G-04k] YouTube playlists!

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June 11, 2017  

Come see me perform live and acoustic! Donkey and Goat in Berkeley Sunday August 27th 3 to 5 PM. I'll be playing a variety of new and old music, plus some covers! It will be a fun, family friendly time. Hope to see you there!  Visit the Donkey and Goat website for more information. 

Free Admission! Family friendly! Wines available to purchase by the glass or the bottle. Stay tuned for set times and artist announcements as they will change weekly. 

**Brian Roko and Triana Presley** will perform Sunday June 11th from 3-5pm! Check out her music beforehand here https://www.trianapresley.com/

Upcoming Performances:
Sunday, June 18, 2017 // Season of Us
Sunday, June 25, 2017 // Alzara & Brother Spellbinder
Sunday, July 2, 2017 // Amalgamation

Sunday, July 9, 2017 // Kaeli Earle Music Trio​
June 11, 2017  
  • "Everything I Want" (I Believe) Lyrics

    Every now and then, I get over you again.
    Every smile you make, pulls me back here again.

    I hope you will be everything I want,
    I hope I will be everything you need.

    So please, stay with me.

    Deep down under the sea, I swim over you again.
    Climbing above the trees, I fly over you again.

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June 7, 2017  

A newly recorded version of one of my most popular songs, written while I was a student at Cal State Fullerton. I enjoyed writing and performed this one on every tour I ever went on, and in most of my early gigs, it was fun to revisit it unplugged and acoustic.

Lyrics - "The Question" by Danny Hauger

"From my windowsill,
There was pouring rain,
I can see you still
Calling out my name.
There's a question that's
waiting on my mind,
That's the reason I've been hiding out in my room.
I don't know what to do, or what to say, or anything.

If I walk away, you'll be gone.
If I stand aside, I'd be wrong.
If I could speak my mind, I'd be strong.
But I can't find the words to ask you.

You and I we both, have had our share,
Times of seeing stars, and times we didn't care.
But I know that some, will say its for the best,
But this question I, can't lift off my chest.

June 4, 2017  

“Find Out Who You Are”


Some are near and some are far to finding out just who they are.

And you must stick to your own way, no matter what the others say,

‘Cause when you’re pushed up to a wall,

That’s when you’ll find out who you are.


You may find out as you grow,

You might take damage as you grow,

But its when you’re pressured hard,

That’s when you’ll transform to a star.


‘Cause when you’re pushed up to a wall,

That’s when you’ll find out who you are.


Now that you’re learning to be strong,

And You’re learning to tell right from wrong,

Learn the rules that work for you,

You’ll learn to tell which facts are true.


May 29, 2017  

On Memorial Day 2017, I took some time with my family and our music mix popped one of my old podcast episodes, "The Thinnest Moon" which was a studio release that you can download free right here on Danny Hauger Podcasts. While I was thinking about the song, and how much my daughter enjoyes listening to my recordings, I thought it would be great to re-record this rarely played song from my collection. I was excited to plug in and I actually recorded the entirety of the song in one take! I diversified this version bya dding cajon for some rhythm, which flowed freely and rather wildly around the guitar strumming, and took a few overdubs for the vocal harmony that make this song unique in my collection. I hope you will enjoy listening to it and give it a like, subscribe, or share. Download the mp3 from Danny Hauger free music podcasts!

Lyrics - The Thinnest Moon by Danny Hauger

Waxing and waning moon Mid night and after noon Awaiting lunar phase To guide me through this maze

The intervals you grow Are not for me to know With Venus by your side To be your guiding light

With every shape you take, every ellipse you make Your speed defines my mood My every loss and good

The thinnest moon to guide me home The thinnest moon to make my own

For if my sight by sun Makes me the only one Walking in darkness in blinds Standing free of sunshine

The thinnest moon to guide me home The thinnest moon to make me whole

And if I should go, Would you let let me know? Would you guide me home? Would you let me go?

Want another track from the new album? Enjoy a free download of "I Want You" featuring the vocals of Gary Young here on the podcast. Download "I Want You" feat. Gary Young from Stockton to Fullerton(right click and save)


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May 21, 2017  

Summertime, outside my window

Birds fly by, I stay inside

One invitation I can’t turn away from

Could be this day, that I life my hesitation

All my life, I’ve been waiting for you

All my life, I’ve been waiting for you

Now at your house, next to the pool

You play the princess, and I’ll play your fool

Pink lemonade, tan in the sunshine.

I’ll wait and watch while I prepare, the perfect line.

All my life, I’ve been waiting for you

All my life, I’ve been waiting for you

As you dry off, and I’m approaching careful

Tell you you look great today, you’ve never looked better

You smile that smile, this time for me.

I daydreamed the whole thing, I’m 10 feet away.

All my life, I’ve been waiting for you

All my life, I’ve been waiting for you

I’ll never make the first move, won’t you tell me why?

What am I so afraid of, why am I this nervous guy?

All my life, I’ve been waiting for you

All my life, I’ve been waiting for you

At the end of the party,

Everyone else has gone home,

You offer me a ride, and I reach out

Holding your hand, we miss the exit

I’ll never say, I live in this moment.





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