When Im Older Live Unplugged in Studio

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August 29, 2017  

“When I’m Older” lyrics and music by Danny Hauger    www.dannyhauger.com


The hours pass, the greener grass, it isn’t grown yet.

I’m all for one, and I’m one for all, and I’m all in.

Practiced all the problems solved, was I wrong then?

And what’s the next thing that will test me, will I be losing sleep?

Repeat the past and then at last, I see, the future comes to me.

Repeat the past and then at last, I see, the future comes to me, right now.


And I’m told that it’s gonna get cold when I’m older,

I should’ve tried to be more applied when I was bolder then,

If I show well I will get sold out I warn you.

I will fly on unforeseen skies and I’ll float away.


Now I’m back at the present, its a gift to be here.

Every day every week, every month in the year.

The granted time that we get here, its give and we take.

We gamble, we bargain, the clock ticks, and the time we waste.


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