Waiting on Me to Change

“Everyone’s Waiting On Me to Change” by Danny Hauger

You know I’m often surprised by the way you look,
How I stammered in speech, when my confidence broke.
Though I know its routine, I still get swept away,
In the smile and your shine, in the way you think.

Well I sharpened my wit,
To try to wisk you away,
If I fail I tomorrow, I might regret today.

So I soften my brow, and I lifted my eyes,
And you stayed and you sat down, to my surprise.

I know you, you don’t know my name.
But everyone’s waiting on me to change.
If I follow you, will you lead me astray?
Everyone’s waiting on me to change.

There’s a shop on Southwest Parkland Street,
Where the neon signs,
Stay on night and day,
There’s a freeway,
A no-smoking sign,
And my guitar stands with me while I embibe.

I want you, but I was too late.
Everyone’s waiting on you to change.
If this town is wrong, then I’d be your gate.
Everyone’s waiting on you to change.

ANd I know. THis is our reply.
 There is no true path, for you and I
And I know, that I won’t comply,
There couldn’t be a mountain that I wouldn’t climb.

I knew you, when you had it straight.
There was no problem you couldn’t relate.
The past shook you, trembling under my feet.
But I think we’ve got something, no one will I break,
I think we’ve got something, no one will I break,

They may doubt, and say we’re strange.
Everyone’s waiting on us to change.
If we fall in love, then I’m plunging in.
Everyone’s waiting on us to change.


Lyrics poured out today. Words flowed free and I was able to bottle some of the creativity into this song. Truthfully, the title and lyrics therein, I have played once a month or so for years, but never sat down to really write the whole song's concept. Today was the day! After maybe 5 years of knowing the melody. I was meaning to go record another song, but I guess that will be for another day. Enjoy, like, share, and subscribe!

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