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March 5, 2016  

New music in 2016 is coming down like rain and "Up to Something" is my latest instrumental free download here on the podcast. A rare early morning mix has a very late night feel to it. I really enjoyed using an upright bass to lay down the rhythm with the drum track for a change of pace and palpable energy level. There was plenty of room to work with this track and I employed a few different strategies for melodic blending while leaving two main chords intact throughout. "Up to Something" will definitely appear on next year's album release because I really enjoyed the way it shaped up.

To me, the song feels like it has an urban and streetwise feel to it. It has a groove that is sophisticated however, and a certain knowledge to it. I deployed only one lead guitar to avoid cluttering the sound and a helix keyboard really adds a nice touch and go emotion to it that I hope you will enjoy listening to over and over.

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