Times Gone by Unplugged Acoustic Demo SongaWeek 7 of 2019

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February 12, 2019  

As time’s gone by,
Where was I running to?

Hurried up,

Sped up my strumming.


Changing odds,

Where did my money go?

Blurry eyes,

Lasers are cunning too.


Clear as the day gone by,

We’re all the same inside,

Watch as the light goes blinding by.


Sunken mind,

Who are you thinking of?

Set Burning fires,

Who will be blaming you?


High as the flames that rise,

Who’s cashing in their prize?

Who will hold your place in line?


As time’s gone by,

Shelves are my home.

You see me framed,

Where are you going to?



Swan Dive

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