The Thinnest Moon Live Studio Mix

On Memorial Day 2017, I took some time with my family and our music mix popped one of my old podcast episodes, "The Thinnest Moon" which was a studio release that you can download free right here on Danny Hauger Podcasts. While I was thinking about the song, and how much my daughter enjoyes listening to my recordings, I thought it would be great to re-record this rarely played song from my collection. I was excited to plug in and I actually recorded the entirety of the song in one take! I diversified this version bya dding cajon for some rhythm, which flowed freely and rather wildly around the guitar strumming, and took a few overdubs for the vocal harmony that make this song unique in my collection. I hope you will enjoy listening to it and give it a like, subscribe, or share. Download the mp3 from Danny Hauger free music podcasts!

Lyrics - The Thinnest Moon by Danny Hauger

Waxing and waning moon Mid night and after noon Awaiting lunar phase To guide me through this maze

The intervals you grow Are not for me to know With Venus by your side To be your guiding light

With every shape you take, every ellipse you make Your speed defines my mood My every loss and good

The thinnest moon to guide me home The thinnest moon to make my own

For if my sight by sun Makes me the only one Walking in darkness in blinds Standing free of sunshine

The thinnest moon to guide me home The thinnest moon to make me whole

And if I should go, Would you let let me know? Would you guide me home? Would you let me go?

Want another track from the new album? Enjoy a free download of "I Want You" featuring the vocals of Gary Young here on the podcast. Download "I Want You" feat. Gary Young from Stockton to Fullerton(right click and save)


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