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The Thinnest Moon free mp3 download from Danny Hauger Music

June 11, 2013

Download "The Thinnest Moon" by Danny Hauger (right click and save) "The Thinnest Moon" by Danny Hauger, copyright 2013. From the 2014 unplugged album to come. Enjoy this brand new demo from Danny Hauger music. Recorded during 3 of the quarters of game 3 of the NBA Finals, which has absolutely nothing to do with this recording, other than it made me miss most of the game. The song derives from the thinnest crescent moon I had ever seen in Southern California on June 10th, visible only on the right side of the moon from the Northern hemisphere. I'm enjoying the harmonies and subtle backing guitar tracks on this unplugged recording. Feel free to share, its a free mp3 download, no sign up necessary, want to hear more of my music? Visit today!

Lyrics - The Thinnest Moon by Danny Hauger

Waxing and waning moon Mid night and after noon Awaiting lunar phase To guide me through this maze

The intervals you grow Are not for me to know With Venus by your side To be your guiding light

With every shape you take, every ellipse you make Your speed defines my mood My every loss and good

The thinnest moon to guide me home The thinnest moon to make my own

For if my sight by sun Makes me the only one Walking in darkness in blinds Standing free of sunshine

The thinnest moon to guide me home The thinnest moon to make me whole

And if I should go, Would you let let me know? Would you guide me home? Would you let me go?

Want another track from the new album? Enjoy a free download of "I Want You" featuring the vocals of Gary Young here on the podcast. Download "I Want You" feat. Gary Young from Stockton to Fullerton(right click and save)

Stockton to Fullerton Danny Hauger Music Picture

The newest compilation album, Stockton to Fullerton:

  • Features 35 songs from the past decade of Danny Hauger recordings, many published for the first time, uncut, un-mastered and completely independently produced. The antithesis of auto tune, many of these cuts are dorm room demos, one-take productions, and live studio recordings from 2003-2013, recorded as a snapshot of development in various California cities.
Band Members:
Danny Hauger - Vocals, Guitar, Lyrics, Bass, Keys, Harmonica, Drums, Production

Check out myReverbNation page in the meantime or listen to "Jackson Valley" on Amazon and on this podcast for free download! Follow me @DannyHauger and thanks for supporting truly independent music.

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