The Right Girl by Kent Brooks and Danny Hauger
Long time listeners, welcome Kent Brooks to the podcast. Kent and I have recently made contact with each other and have been working on some of my back catalogue tracks from the Danny hauger Song collection as well as begun compiling and composing brand new songs together. Kent is a thrill and a pleasure to work with.
I always have a deep admiration for songwriters with such a passion that when they receive a track to work on you get a reply the same day or the next day. You can create so much more music and share so much more ideas with people who are passionate and able to set aside time for the recording and creative writing process. I appreciate you even more when people are willing to jump on board without talking about compensation, and just want to get music created for their own collection and to share with the world.

 Even though Kent and I have just recently become acquainted with each other, I can tell we have a recording chemistry which I hope will produce a lot of songs in the future. This first creation started with me recording the chord progression that I really enjoyed I knew it had potential to become a full and complete song with lyrics. I sent the song over to him and asked if he would try out his skill with it and see what we could come up with. He wrote the lyrics and composed the rhythm of the track after I contributed the acoustic guitar rhythm. I went over it one time with a little extra Harmony and I think the end result is quite pleasing to listen to and I hope you will agree.
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