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March 29, 2016  

A Tuesday in studio is another productive day of Spring Break 2016. Music flows freely as well as studio voice overs from Fiverr! Taking a day for recording and guitar playing, and a new song emerges in its demo state, "Talk to You". I started working on this track tomorrow and it progressed well into day two's session today. Download "Talk to Me" by Danny Hauger free! (right click and save)

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“Talk to You” lyrics and music by Danny Hauger Copyright 2016


There’s been times that I talked to you,

And I tried to impress you with the things I know.

I try to act, to improvise,

I see your eyes they wander.

Is there a phrase or word to pass that would attract your attention?

Now you’re gone, and I have lost, all of this mental tension.


I just want to talk to you,

I just want your praise.

I don’t care for this isolation.

You, not in my days.


Springtime for my invention

But you have everything you need.

If I could reinvent myself

Maybe my book, you’d read.

Maybe you’d listen to my songs,

And you’d like a vocal harmony.

Maybe you’ll read something I write,

And then you’ll call on me.


I just want to talk to you.

I want to hear you hearing me

I just want to talk to you,

I think that’s all I need.

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