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March 24, 2013  

While a brand-new set of songs is underway in the writing session, a newly remastered 35-song compilation featuring previously unreleased songs is on its way to digital music stores worldwide. This collection features the stand-outs and favorites from the past decade including collaborations with David Bingley, Jeff Moscone, Daniel Anthony, Gary Young, and more! THE ALBUM IS NOW LIVE, support indie, unprocessed, un-autotuned, real acoustic singer/songwriter music

Check it out now on AMAZON or iTUNES! Also streaming on Spotify!

Band Members:
Danny Hauger - Vocals, Guitar, Lyrics, Bass, Keys, Harmonica, Drums, Production
Home Page:

The track list includes instrumentals, singer/songwriter material, alternative, modern acoustic, and blends of styles with original remasters of recordings tracing from Stockton studios to Fullerton radio days, it is a snapshot of songs past and recordings recovered from dorm days at Dominican University to Cal State Fullerton as a sort of pin in time to enjoy. A new studio album will be released in Spring of 2014.

OFFICIAL RELEASE - March 25th, 2013 on Amazon - click here!

Stockton to Fullerton Danny Hauger Music

Check out the link below to sample and purchase the album on iTunes! Danny Hauger - Stockton to Fullerton: The Early Songs of Danny Hauger

Check out myReverbNation page in the meantime or listen to "Jackson Valley" on Amazon and on this podcast for free download! Follow me @DannyHauger and @DHXmusic!

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