Southern California News Podcast for Thursday, May 28th, 2009

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May 28, 2009  

A 12:00 PM on this Thursday, May 28th, here are Your three "Somewhat Top" stories including
1) The looming GM bankruptcy, despite a new deal for a quick turnaround for creditors.
2) Google's immediate future plans concerning web apps, and the next generation of apps that mimic deskptop programs, and
3) An Australian lottery winner who found an old ticket worth ten million dollars.

Newscast also includes a check on Wall Street and your 5 day forecast in Southern California.

President Obama to dleiver a speech live in Egypt later today, he is expected to address US-Middle-East relations.
Nasa is holding a press conference at this moment about the June 3th shuttle launch.
Recorded live at 11:00 AM, Thursday, May 28th.

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