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Southern California fire update 8:24 pm Sunday

November 15, 2008

Sunday. November 16th, reporting from Fullerton, California.

8:20 AM - Good morning again, now closely watching lames from Diamond Bar, approaching the 57 freeway.

8:45 AM - red flag air quality warning for all areas of Riverside, LA, and Orange County until 4 PM, avoid vigorous outdoor activity, stay in if you can.

8:50 AM - Brea, east of state college, and north of lambert, 57 freeway has been closed.

8:54 - 91 freeway to the 71 freeway reopened.

9:00 Am 12,600 people evacuated in Anaheim, order has been lifted, at least 8,000 were evacuated yesterday.

more to come...

New video below...

10:54 PM - Just got home from a day at Long Beach. Smoke is bad here in Fullerton. Street lights are reflected by a fog-like layer of smoke. Smell of the fires breaches walls, and it is clear that these wildfires far outreach the sight of the fires.

11:06 - Cal State Fullerton hotline says campus and all classes will be open and functional Monday morning. ________________________________________________________________________

the sky is quickly growing Orange in Fullerton California. see the video for an update form 1:15 pm.

The I-5 and 91 freeways have been shut down. State of emergency declared by Claifornia governer Scwarzaneggar, and LA mayor. More updates to come...

1:40 PM - Evacuation ordered for 3100 homes in the ANAHEIM HILLS AREA. Santa Ana residents are asked to reduce water use drasticaly to help lower pressure areas.

1:45 PM - I've had to now turn the lights on, the house has gone dark due to the thick smoke covering 70% of the South sky.

1:55 PM - Hundreds of people under mandatory evacuation, but no word of an official refude point from these flames, has to be in the making by now.

2:02 PM - The Fullerton sky is brown and orange from the Santa Ana winds and Anaheim hills fire. Fires less than a wuarter mile from the 73 freeway.

2:15 - Black smoke above the Anaheim Hills. Winds there are blowing South. 250 apartments in Anaheim Hills possibly threatened. Create a contingency plan for "in case" situations if you live in a 5 mile radius.

2:20 Anaheim Community Center has been established as an evacuation center, at 250 East Center Street in Anaheim

2:22 - 91 east in anaheim still open, though covered overhead by black smoke

2:24 - Yorba Linda residents may find shelter at Sylmar High School for refuge

2:50 - The north side of Orange county skies are now clearing up. South still raging in Anaheim Hills and dark clouds of smoke.

3:00 PM - Freeway completely closed at Newhall Pass

3:25 PM - Brea fire in two separate places, trying to prevent a merger, air drops being executed.

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