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July 7, 2016  

My childhood friend Michelle has sadly passed away far too young, at age 28. She was one of my best friends in middle school and I will always remember her laugh, smile, and kind nature. You can help support her family with a Memorial Fund established on GoFundMe, the link is here. MIchelle was a friend who, like many in our lives, I was not able to keep in touch with as we grew up and went off to school. I remember the time we shared fondly, and I hope we all will stay closer with our friends and family and tell them how much we appreciate them daily, and often. Here is a song I wrote about my friend. My thoughts are with her family, and she will not be forgotten. Download "Song for Michelle" by Danny Hauger for free(right click and save)Thanks Michelle.


Lyrics and music by Danny Hauger

We played when we were kids,

without a care in the world.

TV, movies, and video games,

Under summer skies- and inside.

We were nothing special

Just a pair of friends,

When our lives pulled us apart,

We just watched it end.

Now that you're gone from me,

Please watch over.

I know that your close to me

Please keep me safe

I wish we had stayed in touch,

Though now I am saddened,

I'm not sad that we won't meet,

I'm glad that we happened.

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