Slow Dance 2013 Electric Demo Version

Once and a while I like to stroll through the audio libraries and archives from various recordings of my songs. The documenting of the process has been one of the interesting components of the recording and podcasting. It is fun to see songs develop, publish, modify, and review once and a while. Thanks to all of the downloads and streams around the world, it is a pleasure to make music and I am grateful for each member of this digital audience. Today's recording is a 2013 electric recording of "Slow Dance", a song that is one of my 5 favorite original compositions. I hope you will enjoy this unreleased demo version of the song. 

Live show next month! July 29th, 2016, come see an unplugged set at The Cellar Door in Pleasanton, CA! Come out and enjoy a beverage and a great show!help spread the word about my free music podcast! I am looking forward to three sets, featuring songs from Chasing the Golden Age and some brand new songs from Together Now! Plus some classic covers for everyone to enjoy.Download "Losing Sleep" by Danny Hauger free! (right click and save)

Last week's free download is "Losing Sleep" with a special version featuring melodica by the talented David Bingley! Enjoy and share!
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