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Satellite Control Free Instrumental Groove Download

November 1, 2017

 It's been a few weeks if not a few months since I sat down and just recorded some instrumental music it was mostly electronic. Ever since I got my 12 string in my new Taylor guitar spent most of my recording time recording acoustic guitars. I've been experimenting with different microphone positions different plane styles and working in steel guitar as well. Today I decided it would be fun to sit down with the digital screen and compose a B and then try to put some synthesizers and instruments over the top. It's also been a while since I experimented with some strings and I thought I would put them on the off beat.


 The resulting recording has a really good group to it and remind me of when I recorded the car instrumental commercial music maybe last year. So it was really fun to put it together in about an hour I had to complete a track and even a little bit of a bridge to very the tempo and the main rhythms. The song was recorded in B minor and I even plates and piano on it. I thought the ballot came out great and it's a perfect Halloween type groove even though I'm it's a day late. Thanks for supporting the podcast and remember that you can buy Danny Hauger music on iTunes and Amazon to help support my fee music that I give away here. 


 You can also subscribe to Danny Hauger on YouTube.  I'm very appreciative for all the listeners and glad that some people I really enjoyed the music. Share with a friend and enjoy the free download and will see you next time in the next edition.

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