Roger Merrill Interviews Danny Hauger about The Salvation Army’s Anaheim Adult Rehabilitation Center

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November 16, 2012  

Roger Merrill Interviews Danny Hauger about The Salvation Army's Anaheim Adult Rehabilitation Center recorded November 15th, 2012 on The Homework Radio Show. Roger Merrill Interviews Danny Hauger of the Anaheim Adult Rehabilitation CenterRoger MerrillDanny Hauger, Community Relations, Salvation Army

Radio Host Roger Merrill dedicated  half hour of his live program on November 15th of 2012 to discussing The Salvation Army's programs in Orange County of California. Danny Hauger was his guest, who is the Community Relations Manager for the Anaheim ARC. Roger asked about methods for donation, what programs are provided by The Salvation Army, and how the community can become more involved in assisting The Salvation Army in providing them.

Roger Merrill's show and podcast can be found here. Thanks for the interview Roger!

This interview contains information on how to donate at stores, get free home pick-ups (1-800-SA-TRUCK), host a donation drive, and more information about The Salvation Army.

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