Real to Me

Real to Me

“Real to Me” Music and Lyrics by Danny Hauger (free demo download!)


I’ve been living a life down here, that no wants to see.

I’ve been a living a dream down here,  II’m only gonna live for me

To the outsider it seems like I’m living outside

You go home to your wife and kids, and you try to find your pride


I’m holding out here so I can get a better deal,

You pay mortgage off while I go searching for something that’s real to me.


Something real to me. Something real to me.


Think of all the opportunities I have never had.

Your ivy league parents are so proud but secretly so sad.

You gotta live right now, cause we only get one.

If you’re going to waste it like you do, it may as well be done.


I’m holding on out here, so I can live my way.

I do whatever I want, I never count the days.  


So I can find something real to me. So I can have something real to me.

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