On Your Feet Again Week 1 SongaWeek Challenge

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January 2, 2017  

I accepted your challenge Twitter! Today is installment one of the weekly challenge to write a new song. #SongaWeek (it started here on Danny Hauger Podcasts). It starts with an unusual progression and production method inspired in part by the YouTube series "Record like a Pro" (its pretty awesome) and it got me thinking of how to widen my vocal tracks, and I brought it to an extreme example in the recording of this brand new song! I hope you enjoy it! Happy New Year everyone!


“Forgive Me” / “On Your Feet Again” Lyrics and Music by Danny Hauger

Forgive me - I look the other way
Forgive me - if I let you go astray, one more time

I’m the one who cared for you, since the day you were born.

I’m the one who’s there for you, when, you needed someone to hold you.

And there’s times that have been hard, and that’s for sure

When I doubled down, when I trusted you, When I lifted you, when I found you on the floor

What’s it gonna take, to get you on your feet again

Week 1 of 2017 Song a Week Challenge

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