No Cussing Week in California, TILT ep.10

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February 25, 2010  

The TILT Podcast

Today's TILT-ed: California Proposes "No Cussing Week" in March 2010

I don't %u@*ing believe it

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The State of California is trying to pass a no swearing week for residents. This "no cussing" week will officially begin next week, which passed the State Assembly on Thursday, February 25th, 2010, and must pass the Senate, according to KTLA News in Los Angeles.

Thursday, February 25th, 2010 Medal Count Update

2010 Olympic Leaders :

1) United States Gold-8 Silver-10 Bronze-12 Total =30

2) Germany G- 8 S- 11 B-7 Total =26

3) Norway G- 7 S- 6 B-6 Total =19

4) Canada G- 4 S- 3 B- 1 Total =8

5) France G- 7 S- 6 B- 2 Total =15


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