My Amazing Cat by Danny and Jessica Hauger Launching Soon on Amazon

Amazon is presenting our first e-book this week! This very cute story and coloring book is now available for your digital reader! All purchasers can email me for a .pdf copy of the text for printing and coloring. Danny and Jessica Hauger present: My Cat's Amazing Life.

About the book:

Children have the ability to imagine their lives and surroundings as grandiose and whimsical. Their capacity to accept and explore fictional ideas creates an opportunity to connect real life events with extraordinary details. When adopting a cat, a child should be given a book explaining its life and back story. My Life Before Adoption establishes an appreciation and sense of wonder into their new adopted friend’s life.
My Life Before Adoption is a fun look into the life of a cat before reaching an adoption center or shelter. The book follows several different breeds through scenes of their lives, careers, educations, and accomplishments, before each cat discovers the need to settle down with a loving family.

Should be a lot of fun to see the reactions come in, as we also discuss with local and regional publishers to decide where to go with publishing physical releases. My Amazing Cat by Danny and Jessica HaugerCheck into for more digital releases and music!

In other news, trying out the Blue USB microphone, and recording a one-take demo, to show the quality of a recording on mic pattern 3, if you have been checking out this microphone from Blue, take a listen, and use the link below to purchase through my referral code for Amazon! Blue Microphone USB test

To test this Blue USB mic, I recorded one of my songs, "I Want to Live With You". This is a simple guitar and vocal recording, to decide if this might be a good recording microphone for you. No editing, processing, or altering of the wave file, for a pure audio test.

Blue Microphones Snowball USB Microphone (Brushed Aluminum)