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LASIK Podcast 3 of 3 With Dr Tony Pham of Orange County LASIK

August 5, 2010

Podcast 3 of 3: One Month After LASIK Surgery

Dr. Pham

...documenting my journey to better vision with Dr. Pham.

I have been wearing glasses since the second grade. For 16 years I have reached for a pair of lenses each morning before beginning my day. Each year my vision has declined and I have become more dependent on my glasses.  After visiting a few websites I found a mission statement that resonated with what I was looking for: “At the Orange County Eye and LASIK Institute, we treat you like family. We understand the honor it is to care for your vision and your eyes. Our practice is not a factory.”

I saw that they offered a free consultation and that was the beginning of my journey to better vision.  It has now been over one month since my LASIK procedure has been completed.  My vision has become more consistent as I have recovered and can now see everything crystal clearly without my glasses for the first time since I was five years old.

I have to sometimes stop and realize that when I am driving on the freeway I can see everything from the Big A of Angel Stadium to the Honda Center without a need to squint or adjust my lenses.  I notice the subtle details of tree branches and blades of grass that never really had stood out before.  I still find myself reaching to take off my glasses at the end of each day, only to find they were not needed at all.  I am happy not only to see, but to feel healthier knowing that my vision will not continue to progress as poorly as my eyes were beforehand.

Click to listen below and hear my conclusion about my experience with the LASIK office and procedure of Dr. Tony Pham of the Orange County LASIK Institute.

This is a podcast which I broadcast at no incentive to summarize my LASIK results with Dr. Tony Pham, of the Orange County LASIK Institute.

You can request a free LASIK consultation at Dr. Pham's office In Orange County and in San Diego

You can also call for more information at (949) 450-2020.

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