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LA Angels visit Texas Rangers for Pivotal AL West Contention

August 26, 2011

The Los Angeles Angels have won their last six games straight and look like a newly re-purposed unit ready to stare down the Texas Rangers who were shut down by Andrew Miller in Boston Thursday evening.  This three game upcoming weekend series will impact the slim margin (2 games before Friday's game) now separating the Angels and Rangers in the AL West.

The two games against Chicago from Angel Stadium brought a combined 13 runs to only 4 from the White Sox who were shut out on Wednesday when Jered Weaver won his 15th game of the season. The Angels trimmed an astounding 5 games of the Rangers lead in one week.

Texas enters the game Friday having lost 5 out of 6 and losing a firm grip on the divisional race. Adrian Beltre's hamstring issues have been a part of the recently growing concern in the lineup for more than a month now but Michael Young has stepped up to fill the void.

Dan Haren and Derek Holland will be ready to toss come game time.  This is a HUGE weekend for the pivotal American League West Penant Race in 2011.  Both teams will be sending their prized pitchers to the mound.

The undeniable rivalry between the Angels and Rangers has reached another key moment as we enter this exciting weekend for Angels Baseball. Mike Scioscia recognizes the importance of this series and has tipped his plan to start Haren Friday, and following with Santana and Weaver on only three days rest.

One of Texas' key bats in this series will be Ian Kinsler.  "It's an important series," Kinsler said to Jesse Sanchez / "It's two teams in a division trying to win a division. It's like any other division. That's how it works out. ... The last couple years, it's been us and the Angels. They understand that, we understand that. It's not extra-intense or an extreme rivalry, but we definitely know what's at stake."

First pitch for Friday's game one in Arlington against the Rangers begins at 5:05 PM PST on Angels Radio AM 830. All three weekend games share the same start times.

Join Steve Carroll for Angels Today to begin our Angels programming at 3:00 PM PST.  Steve will have news and notes from around the league and always has interviews in stores with past and present greats from Major League Baseball.

At 4:00 PM Terry Smith will take your around the bases and down in the dugout at 4:00 PM.  You can also listen to the two pre-game programs on our web site,

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