Im Gone
July 21, 2018

Im Gone

“I’m Gone”

Don’t believe that there’s a side of me that’s negative.

Don’t believe that there’s a guy out there who knows you better.  


On Sunday, I came up with a new plan.

It started when I was thinking about my situation.

I saw a vision thanking everyone just for coming out,

And I realized my potential has been running out.


This place is too small for me.

I’ve got somewhere new I want to be.


What will I miss the most about,

This home I thought I couldn’t without it.

But it looks

But it looks like I’m going to have to re-arrange.


Oh Times are harder, when you realize you’re not a kid anymore.

You forget the games, but the still recall the score.

And you want to live with less, but you ask for more.

And you can’t look around and forget what you saw before.


I’m gone,

I’m Not coming back again for you.

No, I’m not coming back again for you.

No, I’ve got somewhere I would rather to be.

I’m not someone I would like to be.


My Monday, I forgot all about the promises I made.

I guess that’s the end of what was my new day.

I wish the clarity around me had stayed
Cause today its like I’m feeling that I never felt that way


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