I’ll be There first mix

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May 4, 2017  

 Tonight was probably the first time I can say that I wrote lyrics while singing them to my daughter while she was falling asleep in her crib. I had just finished recording the cord progression and it was starting to get her sleepy so it was time to put her to bed. I walked her in the bedroom and put her down in her crib. I began to sing the melody but I didn't have the words quite yet.

It's a very simple song with only a couple of chord changes. And I just repeated the same words and suddenly started singing that I would be the one to be there and I would be the one to comfort her when she scared. Repeating the wordS made it clear that this was definitely and had to permanently be the lyrics to the song. It just seem like how can I go and reread it after had used in real life. I hope you enjoy this first mix in this demo version of what should be a pretty good sign when fully recorded. Thanks for following any harder music and please visit my website and support my music on iTunes and Amazon.

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