I Stay Quiet Feat. TAE Free Song 18 of 2019

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May 19, 2019  

 "I Stay Quiet" featuring TAE on Violin, enjoy this brand new song, the 18th free song of 2019. Please share, subscribe, and thanks for listening! Also, watch the video on the DannyHauger Youtube Channel!

Every morning,
When everyone has woken,
Every evening at the table,
We ignore what’s most important.

I want to say,
It's hard to look you in the eyes.
I want… I want to tell you,
But I don’t.

I stay silent (pass the salt),
I stay silent (How was your day?)
I stay silent, (What are you so afraid of?)
I stay silent, yes I do.

Every evening, around 8 or 9.
I think about bringing it up, and making a change.
In the night time.
I finally feel so tired, but tomorrow could be the day.

Cause I tell myself that it’s ok.
I tell myself, I know the problem will resolve itself.

I stay quiet (I don’t speak),
I stay quiet (I’d rather be comfortable)
I stay quiet, (I don’t want to ruffle you)
I stay quiet, quiet again.

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