Hidden Away

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October 9, 2016  

In between taking care of newborn baby, I had a chance to master a few versions of this recording. The vocals were difficult because I recorded them at three separate occasions with different microphones period in between getting called out for baby responsibilities when I come back I would see that the levels of all of the vocal tracks are vastly different. I did my best to compress and try to equalize these, but you'll forgive and understand if the volume goes up and down in the song a few times. Still, I like the feel and the energy of the song. It is both reflective but also be in a way that isn't sad. I enjoyed the recording process and I really liked the guitar play as well as some of the vocal nuances. I did something else different with this recording, I recorded three separate vocal tracks combine them into one. So aside from the volume going up and down, there is a high and low Harmony to be heard if you focus your ear. I hope you enjoy the recording as always.

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