Forgetting a Dream Free Song of the Week by Danny Hauger

Protools crashed on me last week but I managed a new song to download for the better. A familiar notion to music recorders and producers. Repairing... not so easy. As a positive result comes this new instrumental reflection tune, something for a "Songs to Fall Asleep To", or just a free download. "Forgetting a Dream is two song notions in one, the aspects of a dream you can remember when you wake up, and the second half - the breaking of chain of thought - and blunderance of memory remnants, getting weaker by the second. Listen to this episode

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This song is a bit ethereal, sounds like something from the last album, but was recording spontaneously and took one track per take, or the other way around...

Here is that song, recorded on poorly patched and stepped-on-by-cat cables. Which I thought came out fine enough to share. Enjoy the free download below, share with your friends, and visit often. Thanks for coming!

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Enjoy this free song download of "Losing Sleep" by Danny Hauger Music, grab the .mp3 below!  Share with your pals.

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Danny Hauger Music Songs to Wake Up To

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