Fall Away From Here Unplugged Acoustic in Studio by Danny Hauger

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August 7, 2017  

And the breeze began to blow,

And the wind began to change,

And the stars provided shade,

And the earth began to flow.

Like an oarless ship brigade,

On a path far away from here


Now the child begins to grow

And learned about the world

He also was swept away

Into the rush of the water

Innocence was left behind


In a flash, it all was over.
The boy was gone, and now there stands a man.

Fall away from here.


Now the child begins to grow

On his own, to lead his life

There wasn’t much in his way,

But he would make up his own strife.

And Excuses would put him to bed each night


If you try to fight your way upstream

And go back to all your childhood dreams,

You’ll find its right there waiting,

This world is yours for the taking.


The world is more than what’s in your purse,

We are one cell of an atomic universe,

The way we see things is our reflection

And that’s why our world, it lacks perfection.

But if we all changed our perspective,

Stop the hate and start to give.

Treat everyone the way that they would like to be,

Then we’d see.

Fall away from here.

Fall away from here.

Take away the fear.


The video of the studio session is live on YouTube

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