Everything I Wanted 2015 Demo Electric Version

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December 7, 2015  

Danny Hauger Lyrics – “Everything I Wanted” [12/2015 revision(lyrics in progress)]

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I’m ready tonight,

To find

What’s yours and mine


To find

What I feel tonight

What I feel is right

Why it must be so

Everything I’m knowing

All I hope to find

All I want tonight

Is what I want


Everything I’m knowing

All I hope to find

All I want tonight

Is What I want


I know, I’ve been hiding

In the sun – that shines down on you

In plain sight,

Hiding from the light

Saying only soft things

Beholding to no shadow



Trying to save the soft light

Flying, lost my way to you.

Hide all of my imperfections


Hiding high, its only her words

Its what I want



All that I am wanting

To find, let me take my own way

Its mine!

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-- Behind the Recording: It's amazing to me sometimes when I sit down to record especially when I have something in mind that I want to do. It's almost like inspiration, motivation, we're having them use, is something that you can't plan. And isn't that so much related to the way some of our life becomes? It's almost like we can control a certain amount, but sometimes we are leading to situations which help us get to the next level, or aid us through transition phases.

This afternoon I stood up with my guitar, and I realize most of the time I would be sitting down, and my goal is to write an upbeat rock song. Something in the vein of the 1990s Green Day song. Something similar to a pop, punk sound. It's something I've never really been able to record in a complete song with authenticity. I can get the guitar in the seller down, and I will even play about a minute of what I thought was a fairly well gelled rock tune.

Then as I started to mix it, I open up a random session to gym for a few more minutes. It was a 2015 version of a 2013 song called everything I wanted. I had previously posted the acoustic version, and this also available on Google play from the album sleepy kitten. What was unusual about the session was that it was almost 11 1/2 minutes. This was extremely long considering the original track was only three minutes.

During this time, my wife happened to walk in and comment that she really like the direction the song was headed in. Which was funny, because I had no intention of completing this recording session. Are usually would've just laid it down and left it is a framework for future track. Especially since I'm working on a new album for 2016.

Over the next three hours, I gave up on the punk rock song, though I did like the demo enough to spirit into this podcast, and I began trying to find an rewrite the vocal and lyric from the old song.

In short, the triumphant three-minute guitar solo that starts about eight minutes in is something that was so good, I couldn't find a way to bear down and edit it. And after all that's kind of been the point of Danny Hauger music all the time in the podcast, is that since I am not assigned artist, and I am not beholden to a record label, I should be able to release any music that I want to. It doesn't have to make sense, it doesn't have to be auto tuned, it doesn't need to be perfect, and it never has been.

So in the next podcast that you will hear, it will be an uncut 11 minute and 12 seconds rendition of my song and everything I wanted. I wrote it, I recorded it, produced it, and hope you will enjoy it.

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Also exciting news, this summer I will be traveling to Seattle and Alaska. It will be be a special edition if Danny Hauger travel podcast. Last summer we went to Toronto Canada, and the summer before to Vancouver Canada. I love these visits dearly. I hope to discover more of the cold air North American climates when I visit Seattle and Alaska. In Alaska I am targeting Juneau and Fairbanks. There are even talks about playing a live performance there. I will keep you posted. Thanks to the city sponsors for inviting me to come travel to their destinations and bring reviews to our audience in listeners here. And thank you for your gracious continued support to Danny Hauger podcasts.

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