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Every Single Night

January 23, 2016

"Every Single Night" propels an acoustic guitar bed at an upbeat strumming pattern supported by many layers of sound. This is an atypical sound production for several reasons. Usually my songs begin with an acoustic guitar bed, so this song is not unusual there. The inspired keyboards and synths however, give "Every Single Night" a blended bed that very few of my recordings carry. This is going to add a lot of depth to my upcoming March 2016 Album "Together Now". I really like this song, and the fact that it wasn't the easiest vocal performance that I have attempted, I feel like I actually EQ'd it quite well. Patting myself on the back aside, time for lunch. Its another free song download, enjoy it! Share it! Help support my music hobby! Its a pleasure to get your feedback as well, thanks for all the positive comments!


Every Single Night, Copyright Danny Hauger 2016


Every single night

When I fall asleep,

I want to be, something free.


When my mind is at rest,

Then my soul can attest,

I want to be, something free.


Close my eyes, look inside.


Every single night, I can have peace of mind.

I can hope, I can fly.


And tomorrow? Maybe this sorry

And tomorrow? Maybe this horror, will go away.


Every single night, I used to lie awake, replay my day.

But tomorrow, I can succeed.

And tomorrow, there’s nothing in my way.

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