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May 28, 2016  

“Encourage You” by Danny Hauger copyright 2016

They limit you if you let them,

The minute you resent them

Perimeters you set for yourself

Prohibit you from reaching the top shelf


Well I for one, encourage you

Follow your dreams, ‘til they come true.

You can rise above what I set for you,

You can be anything you want, anything.


If you’re struggling to pull through

Remember there’s no one else like you


Any beginning starts somewhere,

Challenge informs us who we are

Belittle the little things, grab the brass rings.

You can be anything you want, anything.


I love the upbeat and encouraging nature of this new demo recording. Send it with a friend or share it on social media to help me spread my free music podcast!

Enjoy my free music and please...

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