Dreaming a Dream Instrumental

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October 8, 2016  

When I am recording in my home studio, I rarely get through an entire song created without picking up an instrument (besides the digital variety), Today I have a final product which represents one of these scarcely composed occasions which I really enjoyed. I think the fun I get from creating music is something I wish I had earlier in my life. I am so happy now that it is a part of my creativity, and a hobby that I get to share with the world because of this podcast, the internet, and you, the home listeners. Thanks for all the downloads and encouragement! "Dreaming a Dream" is a daydream keyboard rhythm comprised of a very swiftly moving solo stretching many octaves, which was a lot of fun to listen to and perform. It was a quick recording, and one that I hope you will enjoy listening to as well. There will be more new free music this week, so stay tuned!
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