Danny Hauger - Again free song download in mp3 from Stockton to Fullerton Album

Chatter lately from the contact form at my website, www.dannyhauger.com - asking for a free .mp3 download of my 2010 song "Again". Since we just had a week of 3 gigs in 5 nights, I'm glad to share this song in request, hope you enjoy it! Feel free to share it with friends, or email the mp3!  If you know someone looking to book in Orange County, get in touch at my website!

 --< Listen here!

This is one of my favorite story songs in the alternative feeling genre, and one of the longer solos in my recording history, available to buy with 34 other recordings in "Stockton to Fullerton" on iTunes   -    Spotify    -     Amazon MP3     -    Google Play

Danny Hauger Music Available on Google Play


Danny Hauger's exclusive deal with Google Play guarantees catalog availability, with many songs for free! Check it out, and share with your friends to support truly independent music.
Albums on Sale now: Stockton to Fullerton (2013), Chasing the Golden Age (2012), Songs to Wake Up To (2011), Return (2006), and more!


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Want another song, stream "Slow Dance" for free on Soundcloud! https://soundcloud.com/dannyhaugermusic/slow-dance-by-danny-hauger

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