Country Music Favorites on the Sports Lodge AM 830

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October 24, 2011  

A good time was had by all today on the Sports Lodge with Roger Lodge on AM 830.  Getting a little off track... and onto trucks.... country music more accurately.  Enjoy this short best of from today's show, The Sports Lodge airs Monday through Friday 7-10 am on AM 830. Plus a little trio singing to Patsy Cline, on Willie Nelson's Crazy.

Danny Hauger on Golden West Television

NEXT TV APPEARANCE, Tuesday 3:00 PM, Time Warner Ch. # 98  in Southern California, Golden West Soccer vs OCC

How good is the World Series this year? Listen to the action right here on AM 830. The Ducks are 4-3 and look to improve this week as well. Tune into the Sports Lodge with Roger Lodge each morning for the top stories in sports and entertainment. This week on Sports Radio AM 830 (from • World Series Game Monday (Pre-game 4:00, Game 5:00) • Ducks at Chicago Tuesday, 5:00 (PT) pregame, 5:30 puck drop • Ducks @ Minnesota Thursday, 5:00 PM, pre- 4:30

Enjoy the radio reel for Danny Hauger, (@DannyHauger,

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