Becoming Now

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October 27, 2018  

“Becoming Now” Words and Music by Danny Hauger

I’m not sure

Of how I should approach you,

I’m unclear of all of my own emotions.


Tremendous frustration

Controlling all my senses

Your hair is shining in the sun

And I can’t re-take my mind

Who am I becoming now?

Who do I think I am?

Will I walk amongst the sheep,

Or will I charge the ram?


Am I 10 years back or even 15 from my prime?

Will I break the cycle or will I get neutralized?


I’m slowly fading, but will I rise?

I believe everything I see with my eyes.


I’m becoming now, what I had wanted.

I’m driving hard to propel motivation

Becoming now, part of solutions

I will help you up, Even if you are above me.


Se la vie,

That’s life, I’m heard that.
And au revoir, But will you return me

To someplace far, but still familiar

I’m tilted up, Does that mean I’m learning?

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