Because I Needed You

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October 9, 2018  

“Because I needed you” Words and Music byD anny Hauger. All Rights Reserved.

April 4th,

Sun set warmth

Picnic basket,

And we left the farm.

And we headed out,

Into sun-drenched space


When the light ran out,

I began to doubt,

If we could make it on our own,

And somehow start a home.

But we headed out,

And we’ve gone too far to turn back.


Because I needed you,

And you showed me there was a way


Because I needed you,

Like the violets of the terrain.


And now I roam,

And it’s not a home.

And you’re not with me,

But I feel you in my bones.

And I can hear you calling,

But I can’t respond.


Cause I needed you,

And the confidence you helped restore.


Cause I needed you,

I know I can live for more.


I could not tell,

Just how to live without you.

Then I remember,

You taught me all about this.

And I’m not afraid.


Cause I needed you,

And I know it’s been revived,

Like the vervain sky

You have blended with a hurricane,

And you spun my life.

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