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Baseline Road Studio recording Demo

June 18, 2020

“Baseline Road” Words and Music by Danny Hauger [Spring to Live Album in Stores now!]

I’ve been wandering nowhere, 

Up, down, left and right now its all the same, and it feels so lame. 

I’ve been dreaming of somewhere,

Beach sand, volleyball and the sound of girls, as the water curls, and comes crashing in.


From Stockton, to San Bernardino to Huntington Beach 


Casting fisherman,   

And the clash of dishes serving on the pier, while the children cheer.

Kites are soaring and the tide is roaring in, and I’m strumming here, there is nowhere else I'd rather be.


I don’t know Which way, I should go!

Once I leave, this peace will be, done


I’ve outgrown This place, and I should go!

Cause I can’t keep delaying the unknown


Suburbs haunting me, 

And the pavement coming undone, with bumpy roads, and the grass is mowed

Droughts are constantly threatening, water, drying up, splashing in your pool

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