All Alone

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September 24, 2016  

This was a fun one to record for sure! Started with a great bass line that insisted to be fully produced to completion. I love the scant and loosely played synth keys, the guitar that is just lightly peppered, a solo that is more groove than power, and a cleverly worded visit to a past event that led for a humorous line that I nearly laughed all the way through! Enjoy the song, I will post the lyrics soon!

Every time I'm on the line,
I feel disconnected without a dime. 
I'm like a lemon mixed without a lime,
And I just don't remember what it's like to feel fine,

And I'm all alone
All alone here.
All alone. 
All alone here. 

I remember back to other times,
When we used to hang out outside the lines, 
And I stepped out of bounds, was penalized. 
Hey, where's the ref to call you on your lies?

And I'm all alone
All alone here.
All alone. 
All alone right here.
Misdirection, I apologize
I guess I just had never really realized,
Dating your room mate was a local crime?
I'm sorry you're looking at me mystified
Now I'm not alone,
Not alone here anymore,
Now I'm not alone. 
Not alone here. 

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Together Now, Danny Hauger


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