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Danny Hauger Podcasts


May 27, 2020


I am so glad to meet you

You’re new in town, 

I’d be happy to drive you around.

I know the way, 

I drive these streets every day.

I know its hard being the new person in town. 

You can tell me all about the doubts you have from leaving. 

But every test that’s given has wrong answers given.    



Don’t let this world deceive you.

Your destiny is whatever you wanted to to  be. 

Don’t let the world

Deter you from the goals you care to do

Whatever you define. 


Is there a certain company

That appears in your dreams?


When I’m too frightened to say the things that are on my mind. 

We get lumped into boxes we can’t break. 


I’m afraid of anything except the doubt I can’t explain to you

I want to tell you everything, but I’m too scared to scare off anyone not feeling rhe same. 


You’re new but you don’t feel home. 

I’m home but I don’t feel new. 

I’m sad but I could think that thinking

You would be happier here, 

If you felt safe at home. 

And so I’ll give you a ride. 

Even if you had lied.

With you I’d take chance. 


Cmin.    G.   D.  


Am.  C.  G.    

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