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Again Free Song Download New Album Coming Soon and Dan Anthony Blog

November 6, 2011

Some love for Dan Anthony of   - blogging his participation in my upcoming album, "Chasing the Golden Age".  thanks Dan!

29 October 2011

studio tracking

Today Dan went into the studio to lay down drum tracks for Danny Hauger.
Dan Anthony

He is releasing his new cd which will be a collaborative project with several different musicians.  I will update with the release of the project and everyone who was involved.
Nate Macy
Danny Hauger is a local artist in the Orange County area and his bio is in the musicians page with his link.
A special thanks to Nate Macy for recording and producing the the drum sound.  The set used is a 1972 Ludwig solid maple shells.  Cymbals were Ufip customs 17" and 18" crash,  Sabian AA 21" Rock Ride, Sabian 14" Rock Hats.  Pedals DW 9000's.  3"x13" pearl piccalo snare.  Audix drum mics, Neumann overheads.  Great times are always to be had in a studio session, having fun is what makes the experience worth while.  And a great finish product of making music together is what the main goal is.  Stay tuned for the release date of Danny's new project.
Here's to you Danny from us to you.  Later on Bra!
On today's blog we're looking forward to another great week with Roger Lodge on the Sports Lodge from 7-10 AM and more exciting Ducks Hockey!
More classic Angels games on the way! Tune in today, November 7th, at 7:00 PM for the July 11th 1967 classic game!  I won't spoil it, re-live history for yourself in one of the most well-known Angels games of all time.
Tuesday at 7:00 PM enjoy another classic baseball vault broadcast from July 11th, 1989.
The Ducks play on Wednesday at 7:00 from the Honda Center hosting the Nashville Predators, and again Friday against Vancouver. We'll have all the action live on AM 830.
Plus a special time for the Oakland Raiders on Thursday, pre-game at 4:50 from San Diego.
Its all happening on Sports Radio AM 830, stay locked in for live sports and news from around the sports world.
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