8.8 Earthquake Hits Chile, Tsunami warning Blog

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February 27, 2010  

3:46 PM PST - Hawaii lifts Tsunami warning - CNN

Mobile Giving Campaigns begin

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President Obama "hundreds of lives lost" - on CNN

3:44 PM PST - Santa Cruz County closes all beaches


A highway collapsed during the massive quake 200 miles from the Chilean capital, Santiago. - Guardian News

Some damage in Ventura, California from rising waves - CNN

Wal-Mart pledges $1 Million - CNBC


As of 2:40 PM Pacific Standard Time, Australia is the latest nation to be hit by a tsunami triggered by the massive earthquake in Chile. According to Australia’s International News Online, waves up to five feet have rammed into New Zealand and Australia. No one has been reported injured there.


1:44 PM PST - Chile death toll at 147 - CNN


1:41 PM PST - Santiago airport closed for at least the next 24 hours - CNN News, 1,000 Americans in the affected area


1:27 PM PST - UK Today News posts pictures calling Chile earthquake worse than recent Haiti quake


1:25 PM PST - Hawaii Tsunami evacuation siren ringing out at half hour intervals - CNN News

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger says support will be sent - WHAM


At 1:17, the San Jose Mercury News is reporting a Tsunami Advisory in the Bay Area, and to stay away from beaches: "Devastating waves aren't expected to hit the California coast, but officials don't want to take any chances."


12:56 PM PST - Tsunami hits French Polynesia, supplies being readied for delivery - Herald Sun


Current time 1:00 PM Pacific Standard,

8.8 Magnitude hit Chile 14 hours ago (3:34 AM local time)

12 hours ago 6.9 Off the coast of Bio-Bio, Chile

1 hour ago 6.3 Offshore Valparaiso, Chile


At 1:15 PM, we are awaiting the tsunami to hit Hawaii.

In Chile, the capital has lost power, phone, and water services.  At this point, no Americans have been reported dead or injured, according to CNN News.

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