2008 April

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April 12, 2008  

Best if you turn it down, bad audio quality, but still, better here than not? We'll talk about it on Monday's Titan Talk. Recorded live 4-12-08

April 8, 2008  

Sports Talk with Tom and Dan.

Wrapping up March Madness in April, Kansas wins, Baseball updates, Dodgers talk, Vince Scully.

 Then we had a discussion of the Olympics, whether the President should go, honor in the games, is it tainted because of cheating? And the unifying power of sports in life.

April 8, 2008  

Will your tv work in 2009?  Play this and find out about the DTV switch in 2009.

April 8, 2008  

"STEVE PIIIITTTTTMAAAAN!"  Always a brilliant caller with a story about his job. 6 fascinating minutes of Pittman action on the lines.


DTV Read fails miserably, John thinks Danny is on the take.

John takes a Global Trivia Challenge with 100,000 other people.

John launches into a list of biggest pet peeves, good list.

New jobs, meeting new people, John rips his pants at the gym, talk about sound effects, finishing with Danny's offbeat news and discussion.

April 8, 2008  

John and Dan talk about their break.  Is thew stream up or down?  Jess calls in.  Dolphins at Newport Beach, John's surfing story, Pancake Puffs en Espanol, Catherine Heigl, Sarah Silverman, Brittany Snow - take your pick, driving to El Segundo,


John's list of top 10 worst jobs

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