Keep it Going

Keep it Going

Danny stepped into studio Monday for some unexpected end of June jam-length recording and produced a brand new demo, called "Keep it Going" featuring a rare piano line bass and upbeat melodic pacing. Its yours free! Please download and share this song from Danny Hauger studios, tell your friends!

Its a fun tune, and I hope you'll enjoy it!

Download "Keep it Going" by Danny Hauger (right click and save) 

Piano bass line. Fun! 
New gigs upcoming in July stay tuned: Laguna Beach, Open House in Lake Forest, and Rancho Mirage for a Grand Opening! Book Danny Hauger today! 
Once again, thank you Vancouver, BC! 
We hope you enjoyed our text and photo reviews from our remarkable vacation to Vancouver! This city has something for everyone, and the breathtaking views and experiences were first class!

Book your visit today, visit the official Tourism Vancouver website! See their top 10 things to see in Vancouver list.

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