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October 23, 2016  
Long time listeners, welcome Kent Brooks to the podcast. Kent and I have recently made contact with each other and have been working on some of my back catalogue tracks from the Danny hauger Song collection as well as begun compiling and composing brand new songs together. Kent is a thrill and a pleasure to work with.
I always have a deep admiration for songwriters with such a passion that when they receive a track to work on you get a reply the same day or the next day. You can create so much more music and share so much more ideas with people who are passionate and able to set aside time for the recording and creative writing process. I appreciate you even more when people are willing to jump on board without talking about compensation, and just want to get music created for their own collection and to share with the world.

 Even though Kent and I have just recently become acquainted with each other, I can tell we have a recording chemistry which I hope will produce a lot of songs in the future. This first creation started with me recording the chord progression that I really enjoyed I knew it had potential to become a full and complete song with lyrics. I sent the song over to him and asked if he would try out his skill with it and see what we could come up with. He wrote the lyrics and composed the rhythm of the track after I contributed the acoustic guitar rhythm. I went over it one time with a little extra Harmony and I think the end result is quite pleasing to listen to and I hope you will agree.
October 15, 2016  

Any fans of organ music like the Nintendo 64 soundtrack of Pilotwings 64? I was a big fan of instrumental tracks like that. I have been playing with keys, organ, and synthesizer recordings lately. This is the latest track produced with an upright bass guitar, leaving the lead guitar at home, and its a jazzy attempt at a pseudo-small group jazz track. I like the mix of modern instrumentation, a little classic chord progression on piano, and a soaring organ solo. I called it "Oregon Trail". I think it has some merit, considering it was produced over 3 hours. I enjoyed performing it a lot, and I hope you like it!

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Together Now, Danny Hauger

October 13, 2016  

When I was interviewing pioneer of flight, Amelia Earhart last week (I'm not crazy, you can listen to that interview here on the Hauger History Podcast on Podbean), I began thinking about the quotes from her famous flights. I was able to construct a similar theme to what would run through my mind, with some windbreaking guitar design and drums that are swinging a bit to emulate the turbulence of a gentle breeze resistance. Maybe its not all that, but I still like the instrumental recording that was produced after the interview, and I definitely wanted to share it. I'm not sure if it will make the next album cut or not, but here it is! Enjoy!

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Together Now, Danny Hauger

October 9, 2016  

In between taking care of newborn baby, I had a chance to master a few versions of this recording. The vocals were difficult because I recorded them at three separate occasions with different microphones period in between getting called out for baby responsibilities when I come back I would see that the levels of all of the vocal tracks are vastly different. I did my best to compress and try to equalize these, but you'll forgive and understand if the volume goes up and down in the song a few times. Still, I like the feel and the energy of the song. It is both reflective but also be in a way that isn't sad. I enjoyed the recording process and I really liked the guitar play as well as some of the vocal nuances. I did something else different with this recording, I recorded three separate vocal tracks combine them into one. So aside from the volume going up and down, there is a high and low Harmony to be heard if you focus your ear. I hope you enjoy the recording as always.

October 8, 2016  

When I am recording in my home studio, I rarely get through an entire song created without picking up an instrument (besides the digital variety), Today I have a final product which represents one of these scarcely composed occasions which I really enjoyed. I think the fun I get from creating music is something I wish I had earlier in my life. I am so happy now that it is a part of my creativity, and a hobby that I get to share with the world because of this podcast, the internet, and you, the home listeners. Thanks for all the downloads and encouragement! "Dreaming a Dream" is a daydream keyboard rhythm comprised of a very swiftly moving solo stretching many octaves, which was a lot of fun to listen to and perform. It was a quick recording, and one that I hope you will enjoy listening to as well. There will be more new free music this week, so stay tuned!
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Together Now, Danny Hauger


October 4, 2016  

This was my first MacBook session of recording that has ever been. Thanks to a friend for lending me their machine and suggesting that i try a few direct input methods for acoustic guitar. I really dug in and enjoyed the recording time today. I created something very special in a relatively short amount of time using only 4 tracks throughout the entire process, and a rare "drop out" of a drum kit that only lasts for about 32 bars. The result is a four-take ending that ended up reminding me of an identity change, because even the tempo of the song changes  a a few times while keeping thew same F# Major tonality. I loved recording it, and I even would dare say there is some decent playing within the solo interchange of two guitars. I hope you will enjoy this brand new guitar instrumental. Download it for free! 

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Together Now, Danny Hauger


October 2, 2016  

Realizing that the title is not the most creative, I recorded "Short Song for Babies" one day after coming home from the hospital with our new baby girl. There were relatives in town and I was showing my niece how a digital recording studio works. She performs the tambourine on the track! Its a very simple recording with 4 tracks, three are acoustic guitar tracks. The last is a low level percussion.

the song is a soft, near-lullaby recording. It runs just under two minutes long and I hope you will enjoy it. Thanks for listening!

September 27, 2016  

"Rewired" straight from the recording studio. I snapped two new instrumentals last night. Both of which started in the evening and both went in different directions. I find that when I record fast songs, I long for the slow jams. This goes both ways, but tonight was one of the few nights that I could finish two brand new concepts. The first of which I have named "Rewired". Enjoy it and share!

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Together Now, Danny Hauger


September 24, 2016  

This was a fun one to record for sure! Started with a great bass line that insisted to be fully produced to completion. I love the scant and loosely played synth keys, the guitar that is just lightly peppered, a solo that is more groove than power, and a cleverly worded visit to a past event that led for a humorous line that I nearly laughed all the way through! Enjoy the song, I will post the lyrics soon!

Every time I'm on the line,
I feel disconnected without a dime. 
I'm like a lemon mixed without a lime,
And I just don't remember what it's like to feel fine,

And I'm all alone
All alone here.
All alone. 
All alone here. 

I remember back to other times,
When we used to hang out outside the lines, 
And I stepped out of bounds, was penalized. 
Hey, where's the ref to call you on your lies?

And I'm all alone
All alone here.
All alone. 
All alone right here.
Misdirection, I apologize
I guess I just had never really realized,
Dating your room mate was a local crime?
I'm sorry you're looking at me mystified
Now I'm not alone,
Not alone here anymore,
Now I'm not alone. 
Not alone here. 

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Together Now, Danny Hauger


September 21, 2016  

I am slated for February for my next album release. The addition of a new family member to come may alter the planned date, but this song, "Anywhere" is certain to be a part of the new collection. I love the early keyboard chords and the echoing that occurs until you get the first few drum beats. There is some slim confidence to the vocals that reflects the emotional center of the tune, and motivation of finding that special person to go anywhere with. I hope you enjoy this free song download!

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September 21, 2016  

That is a startling way to start a sentence, podcast (pawdcast), title a song, and especially to actually carry out. What happened? Today, 34 of my 7th graders were given a special chance to create music for the world. We instituted a few ground rules and opened a brand new session of Garageband with an iPad. These were are guidelines:

Lesson plan: Each decision must be made by the group, with leadership from volunteers and randomly selected students.

This process must be orderly, productive, and collaborative.

If it goes well, we can do this again sometime!

Voting for one of your favorites, and ACCEPTING the result in a positive way.

BPM (class majority vote)

  1. Slow (60-80 bpm) (1 finger)

  2. Medium (81-110 bpm) (peace sign)

  3. Fast (111-140 bpm) (3 fingers)

  1. Choosing a digital “drummer” - student selection

  2. How complex should we start - student selection?

  3. How loud should the drums be? - student selection

  4. What cymbals should we use? [hi-hat, ride?] - student selection

Bass: Complete the rhythm section! (student picks)

  1. Choose the key

  2. Type of bass

  3. Style of bass

In 45 minutes, we had developed quite a lot of agreement, I patched the instruments, tone, and notes to finish after class had ended. We worked well, and excitedly, to vote up and down on ideas and concepts with many instruments, volume levels, and styles of performance. Students facilitated transitions and made instrument selections. 

Results: listen for yourself! Its an oddly pleasing mix of fast rock beats, electric organ, piano, and here's where it takes off: glockenspiel, trombone, bass, and synthesizers. 

Overall, the class worked well together and really enjoyed the creative process, learned to compromise, give their input, and create tonality as a group, thats a big accomplishment, no matter how the end product sounds. 

Enjoy class! Thanks for listening everyone, new "more regular" music podcast coming later this week!

September 14, 2016  

Wednesday night recording following some  advanced planning for my classes. Quite a productive Wednesday. I was excited for the opportunity to sit with my Taylor (guitar), and begin to write. I really relished a keyboard line that was the first track laid down in the session. Then with an alt/90's drum style, I began to lay down some notes in Ab and then C minor. Eventually I visualized ocean waves, and the recording was off to guide itself.  I hope that you will enjoy listening to "Ocean" by Danny Hauger. 

Lyrics and Music by Danny Hauger - "Ocean"

There’s a feeling,

Like I’ve been here before.

Like I was a wave,

That has been washed ashore.

The sea foam,

The turqoise,

The sunset,

The wind’s noise.

For every swell that approaches, I’m here today.

For every grain of sand that blows away,

Every human emotion, I send to you.

As I sit by the ocean, I think of you.

You feel it,

That I’m here with you.

Absorbing, like I am sinking too.

I’ll stay here, Its not my time to go.

Be near me, and you can help me through.

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Together Now, Danny Hauger


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