2018 May

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May 20, 2018  

Sunday acoustic recording, back to the no frills, no hardware, direct line recording using a Seagull Arist Series CW and a 12 string and bass guitar track, and layering vocals for the chorus to create a smooth, simple, percussion free track. This rmeinds me of how I used to record, and I hope you will enjoy and share this new free studio demo download, "One Thing".

"One Thing" Music and Lyrics by Danny Hauger. Copyright 2018, all Rights Reserved.

Ever think that the

You can do whatever you want,

Don’t let the disagreements and the trash that’s all around you

Ruin what you have.


I for one, think that we all benefit from

A look into ourselves

To find what you can do, to help out this world.

And never hurt a soul.


One thing that I could never believe in,

The heart’s potential to learn from mistakes

Would you believe me if I said it this way,

There will always be a chance to make amends.


So don’t worry when it feels like you’re stacked in,

You’re boxed into a corner to fight.

The situation’s meaningless unless you give it power./

You’re the one who controls this life.


May 14, 2018  

A rare Monday even guitar recording session was a instant guitar chord progression propelled by my Seagull Artist Series Studio CW guitar, and it led me to plug into Garageband to record and play around with some lyrics. About an hour and a half later, the full demo was finished. This one has a unique sound, which always makes me smile, and I even approached the vocals in a fresh way, it almost has an island sound to it. The lyrics further developed the coastal theme and I like the feeling and a little sadness behind it, yet there is an uplifting message in the third verse. I hope you enjoy it, download, and share it to help promote my music. The finished version of "A Lot to Ask" will appear on my next studio album! Thanks for listening!

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May 6, 2018  

This is the first time I used BiasFX to record guitar effects on the iPad. I liked the results a lot. This is one of the most pop rocks, or pop punk songs, that I have written, and it was very enjoyable. Take a free download of this studio demo at Danny Hauger Podcasts! Watch the "Shooting Star" recording video.

Lyrics and Chords to "Shooting Star"
Verse 1:
Don’t count on me, to write you off,
When I know you, can be so much more.
Obstacles, face everyone.
It’s how you jump that wins donkey kong.

Verse 2:
Don’t count on me, to drop you off.
My driving days have gone digital.
I’m lazing along,
Like a shooting star,
That ate too much,
And doesn’t want to walk to far.

A                    E
I don’t want to seem any cooler than I am,
C#m                    B
Trust me I’m not, my friends tell me so all the time.

All I want to feel is you right by the side,
Into the night, and if its not too much, for all time.

Verse 3:
Now I’d tell you that I’m always on and Always entertaining, but I know that thats a lie,
What I’ve learned through time and space there’s that Really set me off,
And sometimes I need to let off steam, its never meant for you

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