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December 3, 2009  

Recorded live, Danny Hauger and Matt Vidovich host another episode of Titan Talk. Show intro features many new clips including a bear doing play by play. Includes special guests Gary Young, Nat Montana, Professor Julie Novak from Wayne State University (isolated the interview below), and Emily Hock stops by in studio to talk about things that get better or worse over time. See if you agree. Segment 1 recaps holiday plans, Danny's final show, who's Josie? Professor Novak calls in, click to listen to the interview about Detroit and the job market for college students. Segment 2 (at 11 minutes in) features the word of the day (13:0), this day in Titan Talk history (Charlemagne, Lincoln, and Ford Motor company intros first assembly line), robots and manual production balance, the Jelly belly factory, world AIDS day, and a call from Nat to talk about her producing / editing role in the upcoming film, "The Meltdown", and a one minute explanation about the evolution of film in America (20:00), Matt on Twilight, and Emily sits in.

Segment Three, Better or Worse

Segment 3 What shows and other pieces of pop culture have aged well over time? And which are now terrible. The group discusses Charlie Brown Charlie brown lucy(depressing?) (31:00), A Christmas Story, Nightmare Before Christmas and Danny Elfman, Friends, Will & Grace, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Family Guy, a Pokemon girl or two, Matt on baseball, hockey, and soccer and more... Thanks for listening! Listen to this episode about better and worse things over time Leave a comment

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