Without You Studio Recorded Version 2016

Getting towards the last dog days of Deci-doggy (just one-upped Scott Aukerman), and I wanted to close out the year with a few more vacation studio sessions. I pulled a melody from my head from 2007, a 10-year anniversary (for you Jess) of "Without You", the second song that I ever wrote. This song has been waiting patiently to get brought out of the silence, and into the audio light of the podcast, and I hope you enjoy the enw recording of this (to me) classic ballad. Thanks for listening and Happy Holidays!

"Without You" Words and Music by Danny Hauger Copyright 2016

Ever since the day i meant you

I've been counting the time til I'd see you again

Absence makes the heart grow fonder
That's what I've always been told
Since you walked into my life Jess
Nothing about me has stayed the same
Can't imagine what I'd be without you
Can't imagine who I'd be
Would I be the same without you?
Hope I'll never have to know
Now I'm walking right beside you
Thanking god for every moment its true
I can't believe that I'm so lucky as to spend so much time with you. Its true I love you
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