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October 2, 2010  

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Next Live Gig: Friday December 10th at Borders in Tustin, CA at the District (6-8 PM)

If you missed the most recent concert (and you did), here's a live track from the September 28th Gypsy Lounge Show in Lake Forest, California.  This is a live recording of "Will You Follow" and a few bars of Green Day's "Last Night on Earth", including a little banter on stage.  Enjoy this free download of Will You Follow performed live on Tuesday, September 28th, 2010.

Jackson Valley and The Question are also available on iTunes now! Live Audio recorded by Brett Parmenter. Free downloads and more music are available at my website. Don't forget to subscribe to this podcast!

Jackson ValleyThe Question on iTunes

Bonus Track = "Will You Follow" Live At the Gypsy Lounge 9/28/10

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