Where Im Going

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October 22, 2017  

"Where I'm Going" Words and Music by Danny Hauger


Extended journeys have a way of working out,

That you can’t see too far ahead

The part that’s tragic is the living part of life,

That we must learn more from the dead.


I’m waiting for the life I’m building to take shape

And I’m hoping to be good enough.

All in  all I’m rising up to meet my faith.

So hear me roar and call my bluff.


I don’t know where I’m going

Only know where I’ve been

I don’t know where I’m going

But you’re welcome to come along.

Forgive me if I am lonely,

I thought I’d have more time to be

The friend you’d waited all along for.

While I was looking to please me.


There’s a selfishness I’m serving all the time.

A short-sighted loss of light

If I had taken one more moment

I’d seperate what was wrong from what was right.


Your setting sun will be another’s rising light,

Your charted path will be their guide.


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